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The Easiest Decision of Your Day

Dentsmart helps your customers get back on the road quickly.

Helpful Resources to Close the File Quicker.

We’re here to help! Use these resources to make your day easier.

Repair per OEM Procedures - All technicians are trained on ALLDATA and use it to verify each repair.

Second Opinions - Unsure if your PDR quote is accurate? Get a second opinion. We drive to the body shop where your customer's car is to inspect the vehicle.

Expert Repair Options - Our technicians are experts at various repair techniques and use the best method for the damage. Techniques include off matrix repairs and push to paint.

We’ll Be Your Trusted PDR Expert.

Big storm? We help you manage large storms, so they don’t derail your productivity.

Run your CAT site

If you need a CAT site, we’ll run it for you.

Estimate Support Center

Scheduling estimates for customer during a large storm is time-consuming and creates a bottleneck of work for you. If you partner with us we provide a complimentary appointment center service. Send us the assignment and we take care of the rest.

We call your customer direct.

We schedule the vehicle for estimating.

Customers are taken care of while you keep up with your workload. Win-win.

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Performing estimates is tedious and time-consuming. We can help—let us estimate for you. We collect the information that you need, reducing your admin time.

Schedule Estimates
We schedule estimates and provide a convenient body shop for the estimate.
Compile Information
We collect all the pertinent information and use your agreed upon pricing.
Accurate Photos
We take all the photos of the damage you require to easily approve the repair.

A Paintless Dent Repair Company You Can Trust

Dentsmart Warranty

No stress—all repairs by Dentsmart technicians are covered under our warranty. In the off chance the repair is not done properly, we cover it.

Dentsmart University

Relevant information to help you estimate easily in less time.

I-CAR and ARC-Certified Technicians

The best in the industry, your customers’ vehicles are in good hands.


20 years in business and 10 insurance partners and growing—you can trust Dentsmart with your PDR needs.

"We look forward to the continued relationship and process improvement moving forward."
Physical Damage Manager
Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company of Arkansas, Inc.
"It has been a great partnership, and we have appreciated you assisting our local adjusters in every way possible (from doing regular PDR training, to assisting on individual customer hail claims, and all things in between). Dentsmart has been a great partner in many, many hailstorms and I appreciate the focus on being reasonable and fair, but also in trying to make our mutual customers claim experience the best possible."
EIA Claims Manager


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