Body Shop Partners

Four essential reasons why Dentsmart has the proven formula to deliver a quality hail response in your shop.


 1. We match your schedule. 

The local route based paintless dent repair technician may have too many “irons in the fire” for daily success, even in a small hail event. You will like that Dentsmart is not route-based, which keeps us available to act when your customer is ready.


2. We will stay when things slow down.

It is very common for hail chasers to “fish in the best lake”. They leave your shop for easier or more lucrative paintless dent removal offers elsewhere. It can happen just as fast as they arrived to your storm in the beginning. Dentsmart’s one car promise* proves that they will be there whenever you need us and for however long you need us for your paint free dent removal needs.


3. We are accurate/credible with insurance partners.

Dentsmart is an accepted, even preferred paintless dent repair vendor by most insurance carriers due to our excellent track record. Dentsmart will not hurt your insurance recruiting efforts because Dentsmart is also committed to the long run.


4. We are excellent at paintless dent repair.

The PDR industry has quite a large group of experienced, skillful paintless dent repair technicians. Dentsmart is a collection of these professionals who chose a set of higher standards in order to conduct a more consistent, reliable business model in the paintless dent repair industry. Because Dentsmart is owner based and not broker based, our core values are easy to exhibit and maintain.

Dentsmart Paintless Dent Repair Advantages:

  • Written lifetime warranty
  • Certified and insured
  • CAT team assistance
  • Accurate office reporting
  • One car promise*
  • Professional PDR estimate and repair process


Dentsmart PDR one car promise, 360 days a year. Dentsmart promises excellent, timely repair on any hail damaged car for auto body partners throughout the US. If you are not partner yet, call us at 1-866-DENTSMART (336-8762) or email us today.