What To Do When You Have An Auto Claim

Request an estimate for your hail damage or door ding.

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    • woman1-web Contact your insurance company to report a hail damage claim. Be sure to write down your claim number.
    • Obtain an estimate from your insurance company. It is always a good idea to have a clean car when your adjuster writes the estimate. Don’t be alarmed if the estimate seems low. Remember this is only an estimate and a thorough inspection will be done at the time of repair.
    • Bring your vehicle, along with your insurance estimate, to the repair facility partnered with Dentsmart, to schedule your vehicle in for repair.
    • Contact the rental car company to reserve your rental car as soon as the paintless dent repair has been scheduled as most rental companies will run out of rental cars during a major hail event.
    • The day before your scheduled repair, follow-up with the rental car company to confirm your reservation.
    • Drop your vehicle off at the Dentsmart auto body repair facility. Most rental car companies will plan to pick you up at the shop and take you to pick up your rental car. Don’t forget to remove any valuables from your car including your garage door remote and cell phone charger.
    • Drive away and know, with Dentsmart, you have made the right choice for PDR!
    • Remember that Dentsmart will do a thorough inspection of the damage prior to beginning the paint free dent removal for repairs. In the event there is additional damage, Dentsmart will notify your insurance company and submit what is called a “Supplement” of the additional damage and cost. This process can often add additional days to the repair.
    • Once the insurance company has approved the “Supplement”, repairs can begin. The Supplement check is normally sent directly to the repair facility to cover the additional cost. The repair facility should update the rental car company with the estimated completion date if delayed due to a Supplement request.
    • When you are notified your vehicle is ready for pick up, bring your original insurance check (if you received one) and your plans to pay the amount of your deductible. In most cases, your insurance company subtracted your deductible from your original insurance check. Do an initial inspection of your vehicle before you leave to make sure you are satisfied with the paint free dent repair. Don’t worry, you have a “Lifetime Warranty” on your paintless dent repair, so if you get home and have a question, just contact the PDR repair facility. See the Dentsmart warranty here.